Retro bright Pleated Cotton Mask (some filter ready)

Retro bright Pleated Cotton Mask (some filter ready)


We applied the best design practise to create masks; the masks are comfortable, easily fit, and locally made as a social enterprise.  There are two layers of quilting cotton fabric and each layer has a high thread count.  Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads, the higher the thread count, the tighter the weave. 


All of our masks are elastic intensive and have a crossed elastic in the back because that design is the most comfortable. 


We sew in a sterile environment because one of us has a child that's a cancer survivor. We apply safe practices to what we sew, how we sew, and always maintain a sterile environment so that we all stay healthy. This includes while sewing, and while shipping and handling.  


You will get instructions on mask use from me; I was an N95 mask fitter who studied infection control as continuing medical education through Queen's University.


There is a HUGE difference between a mask for health care workers and masks for personal use.  THESE MASKS ARE FOR PERSONAL USE.  The reason health care masks are effective in hospitals is partly because they are changed often and correctly fitted, and partly because health workers know how to remove the mask without becoming infected from their outer surface, which could harbour viruses. 


    100% quilting cotton which has a higher thread count the best cotton on the market. 

    Each mask is made from roll ends, remants, and other fabric from stores that they don't deem worthy to inventory.  The store fabric is perfect and your mask is unique.  The mouth facing part of every mask is cotton. 


    Feel free to return the mask for a full refund.  Sorry it didn't work for you.


    We are shipping everything through Canada Post.  

    We hope to get these into each grocery store too.