Clean garment bag (patented)

Clean garment bag (patented)

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We have an industrial design registration (patent) in Canada and through the Hague on this design for a garment dry cleaning bag.  Each bag has an RFID tag that is coded to the owner.  Yes, it's a single use plastic that will be banned in 2021.


    We're not just a social innovation, it’s fair, and our design can’t be copied for 15 years in Canada and 5 years internationally.  Canadian Industrial Design Organization, CIPO, design registration 192723.  The HAGUE, WIPO design registration 91757.   

    Do you want a slip over or open in front?  The slip over is made from a slippery fabric.  The open in front design has a tie because velcro could ruin your clothing.  

    Each bag has an RFID tag that is coded to the owner.

    If you buy >5-24 get 5% discount, 25 or more get 10% discount.  Remember, living wage.


    We're sorry that you didn't like the bag and we'll refund you the price of the bag, but since we've coded the RFID to you we will deduct coding costs because we also pay our coders a fair price.


    This product will be shipped through Canada Post.